E-Commerce or Digital Stores: The Next Generation of Shopping

Successful companies have diversified from brick-and-mortar operations by opening E-commerce stores. These commercial channels act as online shops open 24/7. Consumers, particularly those with a busy lifestyle, find online shopping time-saving and convenient since they can make a purchase at the click of a button.

Amidst a sea of brands and ECommerce stores on the internet, what will you do to make your brand stand out, drive more consumers to your site, and convert them into sales?


Visual Group Digital as your E-Commerce Developer

We, at Visual Group Digital, will help you create an online store that can stand out in the digital platform.

Customise E-Store

Customise E-Store

We will customise e-store features that will highlight your identity, whether as a single brand or multiple brands under one store.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

We will create an interface that is user-friendly and with features that engage consumers.

Multi-Platform Store

Multi-Platform Store

We will help build your e-store on the platform of your choice, including Shopify, EKM and BigCommerce.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing Campaigns

We will design and develop marketing campaigns that can be posted on major websites.

Designing & Developing marketing campaigns

We design and develop marketing campaigns that can be posted in major websites.

Google Shopping

By posting your product information and price on Google Shopping, you’re attracting impulse shoppers and those with a pre-determined intent to buy.

Social Media.

Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram are some of the most used sites on the internet. Most people visit their social media accounts multiple times per day, exposing them to new ideas, products, and services each time they browse their feed. Checking one’s social media account has become a huge part of life for many people, and this presents an enormous opportunity to gain exposure for your business. Many tech-savvy marketers recognise Social Media Marketing (SMM) as a beneficial and cost-effective method to building a brand, increasing brand loyalty and raising both paid and organic revenue.

Many tech-savvy marketers recognize Social Media Marketing (SMM) as beneficial and cost-effective in building your brand, brand loyalty and increase in revenue, whether paid or organic. Ad campaigns are put up on events that will generate more sales such as Black Friday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Why Visual Group Digital

We, at Visual Group Digital, will help you design and develop an e-store that will optimise web traffic (increase in consumer visits) and conversion rate (increase in transactions and amount spent).


A stunning site design will signal high quality and trustworthiness to customers that visit your site.


Your landing page is the first impression that customers see, and your sales page is the last page they see before making a purchase! Both pages are vitally important to your ECommerce success.


We can target audiences who are interested in your products and services and build a sales funnel to generate more leads for your business.


We’ll help you to Increase targeted leads which will make it easier to gain a positive ROI on your ECommerce investment.

Our Works

At Visual Group Digital, we specialise in helping businesses introduce their brand, connect with their target audience, and develop an effective marketing strategy. Here's just some of what we accomplished

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Adverstising

Google Adverstising

Social Media Adverstising

Search Engine Optimisation

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