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Facebook, with a user base of over 2 billion accounts, is the most popular social media network worldwide. Research shows that in the UK alone, Facebook’s active users have reached almost 45 million, topping the list of most popular social media networks in the country.

Many small to medium businesses have recognised the advantages of Social Media Marketing (SMM), specifically Facebook, in reaching their target consumer market in a cost-effective way. Building an organic following and running paid ads are two popular methods for increasing revenue that we can help you with!


Visual Group Digital as your Facebook Ad Agency

We, at Visual Group Digital, will help you establish your brand’s visibility, audience fan base, and engagement from Facebook users. We will help you optimise Facebook as a digital marketing channel to contribute to your growth in sales and consumer base.

Designing & Development

Designing & Development

We will help you design and develop your home page, marketing campaigns, and ad placements on Facebook to:

  • Encourage engagement from Facebook users on organic and boosted posts.
  • Refer traffic from Facebook to your website.
  • Build brand loyalty through a solid fan base of returning customers who become your free endorsers and marketers.
  • Optimise conversion rate of paid social campaigns.

Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis
  • Find the top competitors in the industry (in terms of audience size and engagement) and study their best practices.
  • Research the marketing content and communication methods that are proven effective in your industry.

Account and Campaign Creation

Account and Campaign Creation
  • Create a social media account that is visually appealing and engaging.
  • Create organic social posts with content that encourages high audience engagement and interaction.
  • Create high-quality ad materials for paid social campaigns targeted towards your potential consumers.

Account and Campaign Management

Account and Campaign Management
  • 3T1R - Track, Test, Tweak, Repeat. Marketing should be data-driven and measurable to properly gauge effectiveness and improvement. Our marketing results will be the basis for future activities and campaigns.
  • Track audience reach, engagement, click-through, leads, and the ROI of paid campaigns.
  • Manage campaign parameters and analyse for performance improvements.
  • Monitor customer engagement and interaction from organic posts.
  • Report engagement, leads, and sales derived from paid social campaigns and use that data to improve performance on future campaigns.

Other Marketing Strategies

Other Marketing Strategies
  • Collect data on new and prospective customers to create a market profile of your customers.
  • Increase your audience through links to other social media sites such as Instagram.
  • Automate e-mail campaigns.

Why Visual Group Digital ?

We, at Visual Group Digital, will help you increase your brand’s visibility, fan base, and overall engagement from Facebook users. We will help you optimise Facebook as a digital marketing channel to contribute to your growth in order size and number of orders.

Growth-Focused Campaigns

We increase customer acquisition and revenue through growth-focused campaigns across Facebook and Instagram. We use information and automation to optimise campaigns and improve ROI.

Focus Ads

We provide Focus Ads and budgeting for geographic locations that fit your products or services. Geographic and demographic targeting is a cost-effective way to drive engagement and sales for your business.

Target Your Audience

As with all great digital strategies, we focus on your audience when developing marketing materials so we can speak to your audience in a meaningful and effective way.

High income

We’ll help you to Increase targeted leads that are more likely to convert into paying customers for your business!

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