Organic Social Media

Social Media platforms are among the most used sites on the internet. Social media activities like posting photos, viewing influencer posts, and browsing through news feeds are a daily routine for a growing number of people.

Organic Social Media allows an individual or entity to post any content they want, free of charge. Businesses use Organic Social Media to advertise free promotions, create more brand awareness and visibility, strengthen their market positioning, widen their audience and consumer base, and increase engagement with their customers!


Visual Group Digital as your Organic Social Media Specialist

We, at Visual Group Digital, will help you show off and share your business’ creative side through fun and conversational content that will build relationships with your fan base and strengthen brand loyalty.

Your Profile

When people search for you on the web, search engines like Google display your website and social media profiles. This is where your new and prospective customers get their first impression of your business. Will your profile leave a lasting impression? Will they want to know more about you?

Visual Group’s Digital team of experts will improve different aspects of your profile to make it more visible and impressive.

  • Strong brand logo
  • High quality pictures and graphics
  • Easy to recall username
  • Commonly searched keywords
  • Website link
  • Call to action buttons

Right Social Media Platform

Who is your target audience? What Social Media Platforms are they using? These may be generated through a survey or through share counts of your website link. If your goal is to widen your reach, to what audience profile will you advertise? What platform do your competitors use that give them the advantage?

We will help you choose the right social media platform by matching your business to the correct target audience and demographics on each platform.

Right Timing

Depending on your target audience and social media platform, we will find the right schedule to publish your posts to receive more views and engagement.

Target Audience

All elements of your social media profiles will be focused on your target audience. We will take into consideration their location, gender, age, status, education, language, interests, and frequency of posts.

Audience Interaction

How you connect with your audience reflects your level of customer service. You have to engage with your customers, respond to their comments and queries, and address their problems. We will help you build a reputation for your brand by appearing trustworthy and competent. When you’ve established brand loyalty and a positive relationship with your audience, they will market and endorse your business to their friends and connections for free!

We, at Visual Group Digital, will strengthen your brand identity through various social media platforms. Our goal is to help you connect with your potential customers and solidify a positive relationship with them.

Smart, Relevant & Engaging Content

We believe in quality over quantity to increase a brand’s reach. We post content that adds value to a customer’s day and triggers audience engagement. We mix photos, videos, links, short write-ups and status updates to make your content interesting and relevant to your audience. We plan your posts ahead of time to prevent repetition and ensure variety of content.

Why Us

At Visual Group Digital, we specialise in helping businesses introduce their brand, connect with their target audience, and develop an effective marketing strategy.


Our social media posts are carefully planned to increase traffic to your site and convert more sales.

Google Search Ranking

Having high-traffic social media profiles will increase your site’s visibility on Google search rankings.

More Leads

Proper social media actions will provide your business more channels to attract high-value leads.

High Income

We’ll help you to Increase targeted leads which helps ensure a positive ROI for your social media investment.

More Brand Awareness

Your brand lives in the head of potential customers, and it’s what they’ll use to compare you against other companies in your industry!

Business Growth

Social media advertising has a compound effect on your business growth, leading to more awareness and more conversions over time.

Our Works

At Visual Group Digital, we specialise in helping businesses introduce their brand, connect with their target audience, and develop an effective marketing strategy. Here's just some of what we accomplished

Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Social Media Services

Social Media Services

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